Specialisation in moderation

In the legal sphere, specialisation does not only have advantages. It frequently implies a narrowing of perspective. In the end, the saying applies that a specialist understands a lot of everything, less of more, and nothing of everything.

Part of the general philosophy of Seidler’s legal partnership is that specialisation is sensible and necessary but should always be applied with moderation. Our clients do not expect their chosen lawyer to produce a magic solution immediately. Instead, they expect that the lawyer giving them advice on trading and company law does not have to call in assistance on questions of leasing law from five of his colleagues.

Seidler’s legal partnership has as its aim to look beyond the narrow confines of its own specialist field seeing that on the basis of experience the complex questions of economic life cannot be clearly divided according to individual areas of the law. Their solution often lies beyond conventional lines of thought and is only recognised when the lawyer’s area of knowledge is wide enough.

It is precisely this broad view that we provide to our clients as “specialist all-rounders” and are able to call upon the expert knowledge of our colleagues on questions of detail.

Our clients have their “personal lawyer” together with the specialist know-how of a large team.

It is owing to this strategy that the Seidler partnership has steadily grown since its inception and is today among the largest companies of lawyers in the southern part of Baden.

For years, the well-known publishing house “Nomos” includes Seidler’s legal partnership among the leading partnerships for economic affairs in Germany.

We do not hesitate to do things differently than other lawyers.

Our clients always deserve only the best..